Swimmers wishing to join Manchester Swim Club should contact Diane Smyth at dmsmyth40@aol.com to be added to our waiting list.  
Our list usually fills up quickly, so parents of interested swimmers should contact us as soon as possible.

We will know how many openings we have after registering our returning members.  Manchester residents have priority on our waiting list.

For the safety of the swimmer, they must be able to complete a lap of freestyle (crawl stroke) swimming in our 25 yard pool, using the proper breathing technique, during the tryout.  We work on improving strokes, but we do not offer swimming lessons.  Children must be able to swim to be able to join the team.

Swimmers on our waiting list will be notified if there is an opening, beginning August 16th.

Registration forms for new swimmers should ONLY be filled out  if you have been notified of an opening. 

Parents of new swimmers will be sent registration instructions once you have been notified of an opening.