USA Swimming is the National Governing Body for competitive swimming in the United States. USA Swimming was conceived in 1978 with the passage of the Amateur Sports Act, which specified that all Olympic sports would be administered independently. USA Swimming Headquarters office was established in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1981 and is located at the Olympic Training Center.

International - The international federation for the aquatic sports is the Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur (FINA). USA Swimming is affiliated with FINA through United States Aquatic Sports (USAS), made up of the four aquatic sports-swimming, synchronized swimming, diving and water polo.
National - USA Swimming is a Group A member of the United States Olympic committee (USOC) and has voting representation inthe USOC House of Delegates.
Zones - We are divided into four separate zones - Central, Eastern, Southern and Western. Each zone elects two representatives to the national Board of Directors.
Local - Within the United States, there are fifty-nine (59) Local Swimming Committees (LSCs). Each LSC is responsible for administering USA Swimming activities in a defined geographical area and has its own set of bylaws under which it operates. Our Local Swimming Committee is called "Connecticut Swimming, Inc.".

Manchester Swim Club (MSC) is one of over 60 members clubs of the CSI. Each year about 20-40 MSC swimmers participate in USA Swimming. This is a great showing for our club, and we hope even more will consider registering this season.

Yes, absolutely! Why you might ask? Competitions, competitions, competitions! This year we will be competing in several statewide meets, as well as Regional, Age Groups, and Senior Championships. An advantage of swimming in a USA meet is that each meet is run very much like a Championship Meet, with several teams participating instead of only 2. The meets can be very competitive for our more seasoned swimmers, and newer swimmers will gain additional experience by competing in meets. Attending practice is one way to improve strokes, turns, starts, finishes and eventually improves times, but an equally important tool in bettering all of these things is to compete more often.
Parents may be hesitant to sign their child up for USA Swimming, if they feel their child doesn't have enough experience, however, USA swim meets are geared toward swimmers of all abilities. Each event is set up so that all swimmers are in a heat with swimmers that have comparable times.

One major difference between MSC rec team meets and USA meets are that with USA meets, you and your child can choose which events he/she will swim. This gives your child the opportunity to swim in events that he/she might not be able to swim in an MSC rec meet.  At MSC rec meets, the coaches will choose all events for each swimmer, depending on the needs of the team.

Another difference is that you can pick and choose which USA meets you would like your swimmer to attend. Whereas, with MSC rec meets, your child is expected to attend all that the coaches assign them to, unless there are unforeseen or extraordinary circumstances. 

Several USA meets will be offered as well as Championship meets. We have chosen sites throughout Connecticut at some really great pools (High Schools, Colleges and Universities). You can decide to go to all or pick only a few.


All USA swimmers will pay the Rec Team Fee in additional to USA Team Fees.

The fee structure for Connecticut/USA Swimming is as follows:

                 Includes MSC/USA fees and USA registration        $330.00   

               * Initial "Kitty Fund" (meet event fees)  (see * below) $ 50.00

Payment is due by September 15th.  If you would like to pay in installments, you may pay one half of the fees (165.00 - non-refundable) and the $50.00 kitty fund deposit by September 15th, and a 2nd payment of $165.00 by October 15th.  
1st installment and kitty fund payment must be made by September 15th to guarantee entry into the first meet.
If USA meets need to be entered earlier than September 15th, you will need to make your first payment by the meet entry deadline.

Checks should be made payable to Manchester Swim Club.

*The “Kitty Fund” is used for swimmers’ meet and event entry fees.  Fees are usually $5.00 to $10.00 for each chosen event per meet. You will be asked to replenish your swimmer's “kitty fund” as it is depleted.  Kitty funds payments are non-refundable once paid out for meet entries.     

Your child must be registered with USA Swimming before we can enter him/her in any meets.

Important Note: If you are transferring to MSC from another team and your swimmer participated in USA Swimming with that team you need to fill out a Transfer/Release form. You can find the on-line form on the Connecticut Swimming Website. Please fill out before September 15th.  

Diane will be available during practice or by email to answer questions regarding USA Swimming. If you are a past USA swimmer, please contact Diane for a registration form which needs to be complete with payment by September 15th.
We hope you find this information helpful in making this decision for your child. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding USA Swimming, you may contact Diane Smyth at 860-635-7205 or you can speak to or email Diane or one of our coaches before or after swim practice.