Long Course practices will be held at MHS until school 
is out.  We will then begin practices at Spring Pond
 (Veteran's Memorial) outdoor  pool in South Windsor on
Mon, Wed and Fri's and Glastonbury Hills on Tues and Thurs.

The Long Course practice schedule will be as follows:
April 6th - end of LC season for swimmers participating in meets.
June 1st - end of LC season for swimmers only doing practices.

MHS Mon thru Fri 4:30 - 6:30 through last day of school at MHS.
South Windsor Mon, Wed, Fri 7:00 - 9:00am and
Glastonbury Hills Tues, Thurs, 7:30 - 9:00am from June (date tbd) and through end of LC season.

It is called long course because we compete in a 50 meter pool which is a little more than twice the length of the MHS short  course pool. 

USA meets are held on the weekends.   We attend several meets throughout Connecticut, but you can pick and choose which meets you go to and which events your swimmer would like to participate in.  Many teams from Ct. and other nearby states compete together at USA meets.  Your swimmer needs to swim at least 1 meet to be able to swim at Championships. 

The price for the season is $500.00, plus event fees (kitty fund). The kitty fund is used to cover event fees. (Event prices range from about $5.00 to $9.00 per event.) You will be asked to replenish your kitty fund once your account is depleted. 
You can pay all at once or in installments (see below). 
Dry land (cross-fit) training is included in the fee.

Swimmers must be registered with Ct. Swimming, but can register as a seasonal swimmer for a discounted price of $40.00.  (Registration fee is $75.00 if swimmer will participate in out of state meets).

The fee payment schedule is as follows: 

Due by March 15th: 
~First payment - non-refundable $200.00 plus $50.00 initial kitty fee.
       If your swimmer is not currently registered with USA Swimming, there will also             be a seasonal registration fee of 40.00 for seasonal or 75.00 for full. 
       (Swimmers cannot swim out-of-state with a seasonal-only membership.) 
~Due by May 15th  - $150.00 
~Due by June 15th - $150.00 

A $25.00 late fee will be charged each month for payments not made by the due date.

It is very important that you sign up by March 15th. USA summer meets fill up very quickly and I will start putting in entries as soon as they are posted. If you register after the meet entry process begins, your swimmer may miss several meets. 

Once you register, it is also very important that you CHECK YOUR EMAIL DAILY  for meet sign-ups. You MUST sign up for meets by the deadlines. Late entries will not be accepted. 

Our long course program is a lot of fun for our swimmers. We do several activities throughout the season, such as our team breakfast, banquet, and spur of the moment get-togethers. It's also a great time for parents that are able to, to have their morning coffee together during practice. It's a beautiful area to walk, and several parents do that during practice, also.  We do several fun meets around the state during the season, both indoors and outdoors.

Non-MSC members wishing to join our USA Long Course Program should contact Diane Smyth at


Swimmers wishing to do a "practice only" (no meets) session this summer beginning June 1st, may do so for $250.00 plus a $20.00 USA flex registration fee if your swimmer is not currently USA registered.

You must be USA registered to be insured for these practices.

"Practice only" swimmers can attend any of the summer practices that our USA Long Course Team attends beginning on June 1st.   Dry land (cross-fit) training is include in the fee.

 Due by March 15th: 
~First payment - non-refundable $100.00 
  If your swimmer is not currently registered with USA Swimming, there will also be a USA flex registration fee of 20.00.
~Due by May 15th - $100.00 
~Due by June 15th - $ 50.00 

Only swimmers that have paid the full long course fee can participate in meets.

Directions for long course practice pools:

Spring Pond Pool (Veteran's Memorial pool)
575 Pleasant Valley Road South Windsor.

From South:
-91 North
-Take Exit 35A - (291 towards Manchester)
-Take Exit 4 - (South Windsor, East Hartford)
-At end of exit, take a left.
-When you see Dunkin Donuts on your left, take a RIGHT at that light onto Pleasant Valley Road.
-When you get to stop sign, go straight.
-You will see the parking lot (Veteran's Memorial Pool) on right shortly after stop sign.

Glastonbury Hills Country Club:
239 Country Club Road
South Glastonbury, CT 06073


2021 Summer Long Course & Practices

Please contact Diane Smyth at for information 
for the 2021 summer season.

Experienced swimmers only.